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Company services the Business Intelligence community utilizing SAS to analyze and interpret data.

Indianapolis, Indiana – December 4, 2006 – December 4, 2006 marks Pinnacle Solutions’ ten-year anniversary serving the Business Intelligence (BI) community throughout the Midwest.  Formed in 1996 by founder and President DJ Penix, the company’s mission is to empower clients to analyze and interpret the “mountain” of data that they collect and utilize to run their department, division, or company.  Pinnacle Solutions adopted the SAS system, one of the most prominent analytic and reporting tools since the late 1970s, as the primary programming language for development of custom analytic applications.

Early on, the company’s focus was serving highly regulated industries, which require validated, well-documented, and easy-to-use SAS-based applications that perform reliably and deliver accurate information.  The earliest projects completed involved development of applications for clinical trials data analysis and reporting for major pharmaceutical companies.  Service offerings were gradually expanded to include all phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC).  In order to provide fully documented and validated software, the company created service teams in technical writing and validation & testing.  Veteran statisticians were added to the Pinnacle Solutions team to help clients interpret data and to ensure that SAS applications incorporated sound analysis techniques.  

In 2001, Pinnacle Solutions launched the Solutions Development Center (SDC) in Indianapolis as a complete outsourced SAS application development and validation resource for the Midwestern marketplace. The SDC continues to serve today as a test laboratory where employees can obtain “hands-on” learning of the latest SAS tools and technologies.

Today, Pinnacle Solutions continues to expand their offering by now selling SAS software directly to its clients.  From a concept to a complete implementation, Pinnacle Solutions’ full service offering includes everything a company needs to build a customizable Business Intelligence solution from scratch.  Pinnacle Solutions’ services empower companies to rise to a higher level of clarity, thus increasing work output and profitability.  

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