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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – October 10 2010 – Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. introduced a new line of products and services called the Pinnacle Backpack™ today at the MidWest SAS Users Group conference.  The solution kit is comprised of different offerings designed to work in conjunction with SAS® software.  The backpack offering includes four components called Pinnacle Compass™, Pinnacle Binoculars™, Pinnacle Shelter™, and Pinnacle First Aid Kit™. 

 “After 14 years of helping organizations with their data needs we found some common challenges organizations seem to face.  With that in mind, we put together solutions that work with SAS to enhance an organization’s ability to utilize their data”, stated DJ Penix, President of Pinnacle Solutions. 

Customers can visit the Pinnacle Solutions website to find out more information or contact a Pinnacle Solutions representative by calling 866.668.3393. 

About Pinnacle Backpack

Pinnacle Compass gives an organization the ability to seamlessly deploy a global data entry system. With just a web browser, the simple yet robust interface allows quick and easy data entry and modification for mobile teams “on the go”.  

Pinnacle Binoculars is an application built in SAS® that builds interactive online web reports within minutes.  Pinnacle Binoculars will identify and build the necessary summarization tables and linkages allowing users to traverse information from multiple database systems without the need for a major systems integration project.  Pinnacle Binoculars can be utilized by anyone with a web-browser, thus providing users with a familiar and intuitive experience they can understand and trust.

Pinnacle Shelter is a 24×7 remote system administration service focusing on the day-to-day activities required to keep a customer’s SAS® solutions functioning at a high level of availability and performance.  Pinnacle Shelter allows a user to have a hosted application with a secure access connection to the data and reporting assets.   

Pinnacle First Aid Kit is Pinnacle Solutions’ process and services package for maintaining an organizations data’s health.  From scrubbing the data clean to creating dynamic online reports, Pinnacle Solutions empowers users to analyze and interpret the mountain of data that a company collects to run a department, division or company.  Pinnacle First Aid Kit can be used to customize an in-house business solution, or leverage SAS’ industry specific applications, Pinnacle Solutions helps to address business challenges and obtain the maximum returns from and organizations data.     

About Pinnacle Solutions 

Pinnacle Solutions is a Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions provider that uses SAS® to integrate, analyze and interpret the “mountain” of data that companies collect and utilize to run their operations.  From a concept to a complete implementation, Pinnacle Solutions’ full service offering includes everything a company needs to build a customizable BI solution from scratch.  Pinnacle Solutions’ services empower companies to rise to a higher level of clarity, thus increasing work output and profitability.

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