2019 CMTS SMARTHub Presentation

IoT Analytics in Manufacturing: Make Your IoT Data Work for You

Manufacturing will lead all industries in IoT spending by 2020, averaging $40B. Despite the importance of IoT, many organizations lack a clear vision to execute their initiatives. Watch Pinnacle Solutions’ SMARTHub presentation at the 2019 CMTS conference to hear how you can use analytics and the power of the AWS cloud to unlock the business value of IoT in operations. This presentation features customer success stories and diving into common use cases in manufacturing for IoT Analytics on AWS. It’s time to make your IoT data work for you.

In this presentation you’ll learn about use cases for:

  • improving overall equipment effectiveness
  • aiding operations with anomaly and fault detection
  • empowering manufacturers with predictive maintenance capabilities
  • cutting down on waste and optimizing product yield
  • using IoT Analytics for image recognition and analysis
  • leveraging the connectivity of AWS to process, store, and analyze your large amounts of IoT data in real time
About the Speaker

DJ Penix | President and Founder | Pinnacle Solutions Incorporated

DJ Penix is the President and founder of Pinnacle Solutions, Inc., an Indianapolis-based Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions provider. Founded in 1996, Pinnacle Solutions has been building prominent analytic, reporting, and data management solutions for over 20 years in various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health and life sciences, insurance, hospitality and entertainment, financial, retail, education, and government. Back in 2014, DJ led the company’s efforts to expand the business and to provide cloud enabled solutions. A formalized partnership with Amazon Web Services augmented the already long standing partnership with SAS, one of the most prominent advanced analytic and reporting platforms since the late 1970s. Today, DJ has expanded the business to provide a wide range of leading edge cloud analytic services which include IoT Analytics, Forecasting, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. DJ graduated from Kalamazoo College with a B.S. in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

IoT Analytics in Manufacturing: Make Your IoT Data Work for You

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