2020 Data Science Use Cases Report

Data science tackles questions about the future, using predictive algorithms and models to anticipate what will happen and inform decision-making.

Today data is bigger and “messier” than ever. Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools can’t provide all the insights that organizations need.

As a result, organizations across industries are discovering the power of data science. And the technologies to launch data science initiatives are becoming more and more accessible.

So what are some practical applications for data science that organizations across industries are adopting today?

This white paper dives into an overview of data science and its impact and value across industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Financial / Risk Management

If you are weighing the potential impact of the data science on your business strategy – or seeking ways to realize the full potential of analytics in your organization – this white paper can provide foundational information to jumpstart your data science initiatives.

2020 Data Science Use Cases: Understanding the Impact of Data Science Across Industries

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