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As a licensed SAS® Reseller, we are able to meet the needs of all your intelligence or Analytic needs with software bundles tailored towards your specifications. Feel free to browse through some of the products and solutions we offer readily available. For information on pricing, request a quote.


  • Analytics for Child Well-Being
  • SAS® Analytics Accelerator
  • SAS® Analytics for Containers
  • SAS® Analytics Pro
  • SAS® Analytics Pro for Midsize Business
  • SAS® Anti-Money Laundering
  • SAS® AppDev Studio™
  • SAS® Asset Performance Analytics


  • Base SAS®
  • SAS® Banking Analytics Architecture
  • SAS® BookRunner®
  • SAS® BookRunner® Advanced Analytics
  • SAS® BookRunner® Analytics Workbench
  • SAS® BookRunner® Commodity Capture
  • SAS® Bridge for Esri
  • SAS® Business Intelligence for Midsize Business
  • SAS® Business Rules Manager


  • Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™
  • Curriculum Pathways®
  • SAS® Capital Planning & Management
  • SAS® Capital Requirements for Market Risk
  • SAS® Clinical Data Integration
  • SAS® Collaborative Planning Workbench
  • SAS® Contextual Analysis
  • SAS® Cost and Profitability Management
  • SAS® Credit Scoring
  • SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics
  • SAS® Customer Due Diligence
  • SAS® Customer Intelligence 360
  • SAS® Customer Link Analytics
  • SAS® Cybersecurity


  • SAS® Data Governance
  • SAS® Data Integration for Midsize Business
  • SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop
  • SAS® Data Quality
  • SAS® Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata
  • SAS® Data Quality for Midsize Business
  • SAS® Data Surveyors
  • SAS® Decision Manager
  • SAS® Desktop Data Mining for Midsize Business


  • Education Analytical Suite
  • SAS® Econometrics
  • SAS® Energy Forecasting
  • SAS® Enterprise Analytics for Education
  • SAS® Enterprise BI Server
  • SAS® Enterprise Case Management
  • SAS® Enterprise GRC
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • SAS® Enterprise Miner™
  • SAS® Episode Analytics
  • SAS® EVAAS® for K-12
  • SAS® Event Stream Processing
  • SAS® Expected Credit Loss


  • Foundation Tools
  • SAS® Factory Miner
  • SAS® Federation Server
  • SAS® Field Quality Analytics
  • SAS® Financial Management
  • SAS® Firmwide Risk for Solvency II
  • SAS® for Enterprise Fraud & Financial Crimes
  • SAS® for Patron Value Optimization
  • SAS® Forecast Analyst Workbench
  • SAS® Forecast Server
  • SAS® Forecasting for Desktop
  • SAS® Forecasting for Midsize Business
  • SAS® Fraud Framework
  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Government
  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Health Care
  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Insurance
  • SAS® Fraud Management
  • SAS® Fraud Network Analysis


  • SAS® Grid Manager


  • SAS® High-Performance Data Mining
  • SAS® High-Performance Econometrics
  • SAS® High-Performance Optimization
  • SAS® High-Performance Risk
  • SAS® High-Performance Statistics
  • SAS® High-Performance Text Mining


  • SAS® In-Database Technologies
  • SAS® In-Memory Statistics
  • SAS® Information Delivery Portal
  • SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture
  • SAS® Integrated Merchandise Planning
  • SAS® Integration Technologies
  • SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers
  • SAS® Inventory Optimization Workbench
  • SAS® IT Resource Management


  • JMP®


  • SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework


  • SAS® Management Console
  • SAS® Market Risk Management for Insurance
  • SAS® Marketing Automation
  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management
  • SAS® Marketing Optimization
  • SAS® Master Data Management
  • SAS® Metadata Server
  • SAS® Model Implementation Platform
  • SAS® Model Manager
  • SAS® Model Risk Management


  • SAS® Office Analytics for Midsize Business
  • SAS® OLAP Server
  • SAS® OnDemand for Academics
  • SAS® OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection
  • SAS® OpRisk VaR
  • SAS® Optimization


  • SAS Platform
  • SAS® Predictive Modeling Workbench for SAP HANA
  • SAS® Production Quality Analytics


  • SAS® Quality Analytic Suite


  • SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager
  • SAS® Regulatory Risk Management
  • SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite
  • SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench
  • SAS® Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting
  • SAS® Risk Dimensions®
  • SAS® Risk Management for Banking
  • SAS® Risk Modeling Workbench


  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop
  • SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Impala
  • SAS/ACCESS® Software
  • SAS/AF®
  • SAS/EIS®
  • SAS/ETS®
  • SAS/FSP®
  • SAS/IML®
  • SAS/OR®
  • SAS/QC®
  • SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server
  • SAS® Scoring Accelerator
  • SAS® Sentiment Analysis
  • SAS® Service Parts Optimization
  • SAS® Simulation Studio
  • SAS® Size Optimization: SAS® Size Profiling and SAS® Pack Optimization
  • SAS® Studio


  • SAS® Text Miner


  • SAS® Underwriting Risk Management for P&C Insurance
  • SAS® University Edition


  • SAS® Visual Analytics for UN Comtrade
  • SAS® Visual Data Discovery
  • SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • SAS® Visual Forecasting
  • SAS® Visual Investigator
  • SAS® Visual Statistics


  • SAS® 9.4

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