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SAS® Visual Analytics

Visual data exploration at its best. Get pertinent answers from any-size data. Smart data exploration makes it clear. Interactive reporting makes it collaborative. Self-service analytics makes it usable by anyone. And scalability and governance make it the perfect fit.


SAS Visual Analytics dashboard - pie chart and geo chart

See the bigger picture. Visually explore all relevant data – smartly, quickly, and easily. Interactive data discovery lets you look at all options. Find out why something happened. Identify critical drivers. The software automatically highlights key relationships, outliers, clusters, trends and more, guiding you to critical insights that inspire action.

SAS Visual Analytics dashboard - pie chart and treemap

Goodbye, static BI! Quickly create dazzling interactive reports and dashboards. Then easily share them via the web, mobile devices and Microsoft applications. Recipients can slice and dice to arrive at relevant information using filters and drill-through capabilities.

SAS Visual Analytics dashboard - forecast chart and pie chart

Got curiosity? Get answers. Now anyone can make sense of complex data. Predictive analytics combined with easy-to-use features mean everyone can assess possible outcomes and make smarter, data-driven decisions – without coding. And data scientists can use our interactive predictive modeling environment, SAS Visual Statistics, which is available as an add-on.

SAS Visual Analytics dashboard - word cloud and sentiment analysis

Tap social media and other text data. Know what’s being said – good and bad – about your brand by applying sentiment analysis to text data from a variety of sources – Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics or stored in Hadoop. Quickly determine which topics warrant further exploration – or action – and get in front of opportunities and issues.

SAS Visual Analytics tablet dashboard - pie chart, bar chart, and stacked area chart

Get The Power To Know© on the go. Mobile BI capabilities give executives and front-line employees’ access to dashboards and reports they can interact with easily from tablets and smartphones – anytime, anywhere. Mobile tethering lets you explore reports even when there’s no connectivity. So answers are always within reach, no matter where you are.

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