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The solution that empowers all analytical skill levels to deliver actionable business insights. Whether you are a data scientist, developer, or executive, SAS Viya meets you where you are, and this cloud-ready, scalable, open platform enables you to collaborate and deliver innovative results faster. SAS Viya complements and extends SAS®9. The result is improved capabilities in streaming data analytics, econometrics, interactive discovery and reporting, machine learning, statistics, data mining, forecasting, and optimization.


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Reduce the cost of maintaining and managing multiple code bases. From a single, centrally managed environment, all analytical tasks are united in a common base. There’s no need to use different tools to manage data access, manipulation, interactive exploration, statistics, forecasting, optimization, machine learning and other advanced model development and deployment activities. Score code is automatically generated from the interface or directly from programs built by coders. And because the code doesn’t have to be redefined for different deployments or data volumes, analytical assets are portable. You can spend more time solving the next question – instead of rewriting code.

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Easily govern and maintain all of your analytical assets. With SAS Viya, it’s possible to integrate all elements needed to build and deploy analytics – whether they are defined in SAS, or written from other programming languages like Python, Java, R or Lua, or called from public REST APIs. Access the power of SAS from one, cohesive place, with a traceable inventory of all analytical assets. Monitor the degradation of models in production and solve synchronization issues arising from different code bases. With a central backbone for analytics, the cost of updates between different software versions is eliminated. You can spend less time worrying about version discrepancies and more time innovating.

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Scale up and out as needed. SAS Viya is designed for elastic cloud processing and easy scalability. Your organization can start with a small implementation and expand as needed with no concern about being locked in with one cloud provider. The code is the same, so you can run your applications anywhere without rewriting.

Streamline day-to-day workloads and increase productivity. With SAS Viya, analytical teams can explore the same data at the same time using a visual, coding or REST interface – the choice is theirs. Reaching solutions faster with their preferred method reduces learning curves and accelerates results. With one consistent code base, collaboration is accelerated and staff are empowered to get the insights they need.

Increase collaboration among teams. Analytical professionals often spend too much time explaining business context or finding a common ground for communicating about data and insights. A consistent code base underlying the consolidated HTML5 web-based interface for visual data interrogations and an interactive coding environment for popular programming languages provide a consistent foundation for communicating – no matter which approach is used to derive insights. Multiple users can analyze data how and when they need it, interactively collaborating during the data discovery and model-building process.

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