SAS® Gold Partner

SAS® Gold Partner

Pinnacle Solutions is a SAS® Gold Partner defined by SAS as a partner who has “… demonstrated domain expertise in a specific industry or solution area and typically operate within a country, multiple countries or regional boundaries.” The SAS Partner program allows us to differentiate ourselves by demonstrating capabilities in SAS technologies and solutions. Our achievement of competencies and specializations allows you to feel confident that we have the skills necessary to use SAS technologies to solve your business problems.

Through diligent training of specific skills in SAS technologies across sales, technical sales, and post-sales, Pinnacle Solutions has met the Gold tier requirements to achieve the following:

SAS® Analytics Competency Badge
SAS® Customer Intelligence Specialization Badge
SAS® Viya Competency Badge

Visit our About SAS page to learn more about our SAS product offerings.

2018 US Subregional SAS Partner of the Year Award Badge

SAS® Resell Partner

SAS® Reseller Partner

Pinnacle Solutions is a SAS® Resell Partner. As a SAS® Resell Partner, we help meet the market demand for SAS software in specific industries and customer segments. All SAS Resellers must meet the same high standards in the areas of market knowledge, vision, integrity and customer satisfaction that SAS sets for itself. Within the program, Pinnacle Solutions may sell to both small and medium enterprise (SME) accounts.

Why buy from us? Not only has Pinnacle Solutions provided customized SAS® consulting services for the last 20 years, but we can also give software discounts not available to the general public. Bundled with our consulting services, you can achieve an even greater value for your organization.

Visit our About SAS page to learn more about our SAS product offerings.


SaasNow Logo

As a SaasNow partner, Pinnacle Solutions can manage your business intelligence and analytics environments via a self-service portal. Choose Pinnacle Solutions as your partner and let us do the heavy lifting. We can provide you with the skilled staff and infrastructure you need to maximize the return on your IT investments and solve your business problems regardless of the size of your organization. Additionally, when you choose SaasNow you don’t need to purchase hardware or licenses, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner

Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner Public Sector logo

Pinnacle Solutions is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner. As a member of the Amazon Partner Network, we have access to a range of resources and training to support you and help deploy, run, and manage your applications in the AWS Cloud. Let our certified AWS Solutions Architects help you design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your workloads and applications on AWS.

Visit our About Amazon Web Services page to learn more about our AWS product offerings.


RedLore Logo

Pinnacle Solutions is a RedLore Resell Partner. As a RedLore Resell Partner, we combine the sensor technology of RedLore with our analytics offerings to provide customers an easy-to-setup, turnkey solution that enables them to leverage IoT data and advanced analytics to solve their business challenges. To learn more about our IoT Analytics offerings, visit our Pinnacle & RedLore IoT Accelerator Kit page.


Cloudera Logo

Pinnacle Solutions is an ISV/IHV (Independent Software Vendor/Independent Hardware Vendor) Cloudera Partner. The Partnerworks ISV/IHV program enables us to develop, test, certify, deploy and support your business solutions with Cloudera products.


SignalFX logo

Pinnacle Solutions uses SignalFX for monitoring and alerts. SignalFX allows us to detect and pinpoint anomalies across your infrastructure, applications, and business SLAs. SignalFX provides the key capabilities for today’s monitoring use cases and can accelerate your journey to cloud-native.

Red Hat Technology Partner

Red Hat Technology Partner logo

As a Red Hat Technology Partner, we can test and certify our software products and services on the Red Hat portfolio. By approved partnership in this program, we can also gain access to a wide variety of resources ranging from people, information, software, and other tools to help us through the testing and certification process of our applications.


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