Our People – Pinnacle SherpaTM

Sherpa Defined

Sherpa – "Person of the east";
a member of a Himalayan people who are skilled mountain climbers and who are often employed to help visiting climbers.
Himalayan Mountain Sherpa


  • Hard-working
  • Peaceful
  • Brave
  • Hospitable
  • Strong at high altitudes
Pinnacle Sherpa – "Person of technology";
a member of a Geeky people who are highly skilled in the latest technologies and who are often employed to help businesses execute their custom solutions.
Pinnacle Technical Sherpa


  • Strong work ethic
  • Intellectual
  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Motivated
  • Collaborative
  • Obsessively passionate about high-tech
  • Flexible

Each Pinnacle Sherpa earns total client satisfaction in light of their superior skills, vast experience, and exemplary work ethic. Our pool of talent includes expertise in all facets of development and deployment from requirements gathering through data reporting. Similar to how sherpas guide newcomers through real mountains, our sherpas use the newest technologies to guide you up the challenging trails through your mountains of data. Our sherpas have a long history of helping businesses like yours to implement hundreds of successful projects and reach their pinnacle. Our consulting services take a variety of forms depending on your needs. We offer three types of consulting or a custom blend.

On-site Consultants

If you are seeking on-site consulting, our consultants come to you. A Pinnacle Sherpa, or a team of our sherpas, will work alongside your team or oversee projects. Our sherpas are known for their collaborative spirit, which, along with their skills and expertise, enables them to compliment your team, add to your strengths, and meet your unique needs. We have a history of successfully pairing consultants with businesses and integrating our consultants for the duration of your need.

Remote Consultants

If you are looking for a more hands-off approach, our remote consultants can provide you with the support you need. Our internal team will work to develop and support any applications you need with quick response time. Each Pinnacle Sherpa is experienced serving businesses like yours all across the nation, giving you all support you need with the convenience of remote service.

Individuals and Teams

If you are looking to develop capabilities in your own staff, let us help you during that journey. We can send you individual experts or teams of experts to mentor and train your staff and develop the skills your business needs. Our sherpas will guide you from beginning to end, making your transition smooth and easy.

Questions about Pinnacle Sherpa? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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SAS Consultants

Our sherpas are experts in all things SAS. If you are looking specifically for SAS consultants, we encourage you to visit our staff augmentation page or contact us for more information on our current talent pool. A few of the SAS specialists we can provide you with are:

  • SAS Advanced Programmers
  • SAS Data Scientists
  • SAS Visualization Consultants
  • SAS Data Integration Specialists
  • SAS Installation Specialists

Contact Us for information about hiring a SAS consultant.


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