AIoT – How IoT Leaders Are Breaking Away

Together, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are having a bigger-than-expected impact – and leaders report that the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the key to competing effectively.

The impact of AIoT may be greater, and taking hold more quickly, than many observers expect. A recent worldwide study of 450 business leaders across industries finds real momentum behind the AIoT, along with a number of other surprising findings.

The AIoT is already generating results. And for organizations that are pursuing an IoT strategy, respondents say they cannot compete effectively without using AI. This is a striking study finding considering that only a few years ago, the IoT itself was only in its fledgling stages. Organizations that are merely weighing the possibility of implementing an AIoT strategy may find themselves being left behind within only a year or two.

If you are weighing the potential impact of the AIoT on your business strategy – or seeking ways to realize the full potential of the IoT in your organization – these study findings are worth serious consideration.

These study results paint the picture of a quickly emerging, powerful combined capability – one that has been tested in the labs as pilots or proofs of concept and it’s already in the process of being rolled out more broadly within organizations. If your organization is still watching, waiting and plotting its first moves, this study suggests that it is time to snap into action.

The full AIoT study report includes more detail on each of these findings, additional new conclusions, perspectives from leaders in the field and insights on what’s next in the emerging AIoT field.

This study was conducted by IDC and sponsored by SAS®, with the support of Intel and Deloitte Consulting.

AIoT – How IoT Leaders Are Breaking Away

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