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Starting Your Analytics Journey

You’ve got all this data and you can’t wait to dive in to see what insights it contains. But where do you even begin? Starting your analytics journey is exciting, and we want to help guide you through the process. Below you will find several guides centered around various analytics topics. These guides have multiple chapters that will give you an overview of the topic, some case studies and customer stories, and white papers on specific solutions that can help grow your business’s analytics capabilities. These guides will provide you with valuable information that will help get you started on your analytics journey so your business can rise to a higher level of clarity.

Approachable Analytics

We get it, analytics can seem intimidating. Read the following chapters in our Approachable Analytics Guide to learn all about analytics and how SAS®‘s industry leading analytics software makes analytics intuitive and easy by using the familiar environment of Microsoft Office products.

  • Analytics: What it is and Why it Matters
  • Oberweis Dairy: Milking the Most From Data
  • Operationalizing & Embedding Analytics for Action
  • Understanding the Mobile Consumer: Realizing Opportunities with Analytics
  • What’s Trending in Analytics?
  • Use Analytics Directly from Microsoft Office

Backup and Recovery on AWS

By using backup and recovery on AWS with Pinnacle Solutions, you get it all – scalability, security, reliability, technical expertise – at a unbeatable value. Read the following chapters in our Backup and Recovery on AWS Guide to learn the benefits of using backup and recovery on AWS with Pinnacle Solutions.

  • The Power of Backup and Recovery on AWS
  • How AWS Expands SAS’s Backup and Recovery Capabilities
  • Models Tailored to Your Recovery Time Objectives
  • How Backup and Recovery helps with Data Compliance and Regulations
  • No More IT Delays: Fast recovery when you need it!
  • Get Started with AWS Today!

Choosing Your Consulting Partner

Your consulting partner can be an invaluable asset or your worst headache. But how do you vet potential partners to ensure you choose the right one? Read the following chapters in our Choosing Your Consulting Partner Guide to learn all about how to find the perfect match.

  • How to Find the Right Consulting Partnership
  • Flexible Consulting Service Models: Have it Your Way
  • Depth in Experience, Breadth in Skills
  • The 5 Technology Services Your Consulting Partner Needs to Offer
  • Faster than the Speed of Technology
  • Custom Service: The Key to Superior Customer Service
  • Choosing Your Partner: My 5 Promises to You

Data Management

In today’s world of growing data, proper data management is no longer a convenience – it’s a necessity. Read the following chapters in our Data Management Guide to learn all about data management and how SAS®‘s industry leading analytics software can help ensure your data is clean and organized.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Data Management
  • Orlando Magic: Winning Big with Data Management
  • The 5 Essential Components of a Data Strategy
  • Data Management: What it is and Why it Matters
  • Can Data Management Get you to Soccer On Time?
  • SAS® Master Data Management: The Final Word

Data Visualization

Data visualization can reveal powerful insights in your data that you never knew were there. Read the following chapters in our Data Visualization Guide to learn all about what data visualization is, why it matters, and how SAS®‘s industry leading analytics software can benefit your business.

  • Data Visualization: What it is and Why it Matters
  • Collecting Insights with Data Visualization
  • Redefine Your Analytics Journey
  • Integrate Microsoft Office with SAS® Visual Analytics
  • From Basics to Big Data with SAS® Visual Analytics
  • Get the Facts of SAS® Visual Analytics

Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating your applications to the AWS Cloud gives you access to on-demand IT resources designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs, and operate more securely. Read the following chapters in our Migrating to the Cloud Guide to learn more about the benefits of cloud migration.

  • Take Your Company to the Cloud
  • See How Your Company Could Benefit from Cloud Migration
  • Is Your Company Following Best Practices for the Cloud?
  • See How Your Company Can Grow with AWS Cloud
  • Let’s Talk About Your Company Migrating to the Cloud

Real-Time Analytics on AWS

In today’s data-driven world, being able to make real-time decisions is crucial. AWS provides the scalability that your analytics applications need to process growing data loads in real time. Read the following chapters in our Real-Time Analytics on AWS Guide to learn about the benefits of real-time analytics on AWS.

  • The Four Benefits of Real-Time Analytics on AWS
  • How AWS Expands SAS®‘s Real-Time Analytics Capabilities
  • A Real-Time Analytics Customer Story: Leasing with Real-Time Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics: Get the Best of Both Worlds
  • Get Real-Time Analytics: Act Today!

Recruiting Tips and Trends

When was the last time you reviewed your recruiting and hiring processes? If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to mix in with your go-to techniques, this guide is for you. Read our Recruiting Tips and Trends Guide for the latest strategies HR and recruiting experts are using to improve the success of their processes.

  • Five Secret Recruiting Tips
  • You Have the Resumes…What Now?
  • Are You Measuring These 5 Recruitment Metrics?
  • Seven Reasons Employees Resign
  • Ease Your Recruitment Headache

SAS® Viya and Pinnacle Shelter

SAS® Viya and Pinnacle Shelter is the winning combination you need to take your analytics capabilities to the next level. Read the following chapters in our SAS® Viya and Pinnacle Shelter Guide to learn how this combination provides you with the data visualization, open source connectivity, and scalability you need.

  • Get the Most from SAS® Viya with Pinnacle Shelter
  • Achieve Powerful Visualizations with a Scalable Infrastructure
  • Get Powerful Analytics now with Open Source Connectivity
  • Power Your Machine Learning Solution with the Scalability of the Cloud
  • Get SAS® Viya and Pinnacle Shelter today!

Serverless Computing on AWS

Serverless computing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets companies build and run their applications without thinking about servers. Everything necessary to run and scale your application with high availability is handled by AWS. Read the following chapters in our Serverless Computing on AWS Guide to learn more.

  • What is Serverless Computing and Serverless Solutions?
  • What are the Benefits of Serverless Solutions on AWS?
  • A Case Study in Serverless Computing: Pinnacle Campfire™
  • Why You Should Build Your Serverless Solution with Pinnacle Solutions
  • Getting Started with Serverless Solution Architectures

Your IoT Analytics Journey

There’s a lot of buzz around Internet of Things (IoT), but how can you effectively leverage this data? The chapters of this guide will deepen your understanding of what IoT is and practical applications of IoT Analytics. Read the following chapters in our IoT Analytics Journey Guide to learn more.

  • The Basics of the Internet of Things
  • IoT Analytics Across Industries
  • Key Factors Driving IoT Success
  • Securing Your IoT Analytics Stack
  • Make Your IoT Data Work for You

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