Event Stream Processing for Edge Computing

Event Stream Processing

Event Stream Processing

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Create new analytics-driven and AI-empowered intelligence at the smarter and more autonomous edge

Does your organization need to quickly get more value from its IoT data?

Analyze data close to where it originates.
SAS Event Stream Processing for Edge Computing is an in-memory, streaming analytics engine designed to be deployed at the edge, close to where data originates. It delivers advanced analytics for faster decisions to help you understand events while they’re in motion − in event streams.

Understand what’s relevant up front.
SAS Event Stream Processing for Edge Computing uses a new way of analyzing event streams − a “stream, score, then store” process instead of the traditional “stream, store, then score” approach.

Extend intelligence where you need it.
SAS Event Stream Processing for Edge Computing moves intelligence to the edge − to smart devices or processor-equipped sensors − and analyzes streaming data with an array of advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Read this Product Overview to see how you can gain the business value of rapid intelligence at the edge of the IoT.

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