Improve Manufacturing Quality

Improve Manufacturing Quality

Improve Manufacturing Quality

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Improve Manufacturing Quality with Advanced Analytics Across the Entire Product Life Cycle

Addressing the countless issues manufacturers face surrounding product quality and production

Today’s manufacturers face countless issues surrounding product quality and production in general, for example:
  • Integrating data from disparate systems and isolated sources.
  • Obtaining visibility into and understanding of multiple operational processes.
  • The cost of poor quality goods, rework and scrap.
  • Improving overall manufacturing yields.
A lack of visibility across operational processes hampers a manufacturer’s ability to react to changes in product quality and operational performance. Without this information, it’s difficult to make fact-based business decisions, leaving manufacturers to rely on employee intuition and guesswork. This can be very expensive if the decisions made are wrong or based on incomplete information.

Downstream quality issues can also lead to significantly reduced customer satisfaction rates. This is especially true when problems appear after the organization manufactures and sells the product. If companies can’t integrate both manufacturing and post-sales quality data, they don’t know where problems are occurring or how to fix them.

Manufacturers need to integrate data relevant to quality, productivity and utilization. They must also monitor the health of processes and drive sustainable quality and yield improvements – all while containing costs. Having the right tools and processes in place is essential for improving manufacturing quality in key areas, including asset performance and field quality.

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