This Airline Data Provider (ADP) supplies aviation analysts a variety of Department of Transportation air traffic control data and airline schedules. They focus on publishing the highest quality data and providing their clients with effective reporting tools that make the data comprehensive and globally accessible.


Although their data quality is unmatched, ADP had a web reporting tool that was costly, antiquated and had several limitations that restricted them from delivering a contemporary web application with advanced graphics and focused usability features. ADP needed a user interface that is easily navigable and provides an exceptional interactive user experience in order to stay competitive in the market. With millions of records being processed per request, the application also needed to be very responsive and highly available.


Using a blend of widely available front-end and back-end technologies, Pinnacle Solutions designed, developed, and implemented a cloud-based solution that provides ADP with a clean, modern web application with interactive dashboards and the flexibility to generate ad-hoc custom reports. The scalable framework brings ADP into the future as new features are easily integrated into the solution.


  • Reduced software and server costs
  • Custom Reporting capabilities and Interactive dashboards
  • New flight mapping features
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Centralized & searchable repository
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity

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