This Specialty Steel Manufacturer processes and distributes stainless steel and special metals strip, foil, shaped wire, fine wire, sheet, plate, bar, and PV ribbon products. The company offers precision rolled stainless steel and special metals strip and foil, flat and fine wire, and shapes and profiles. It also processes nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys for various applications. This Specialty Steel Manufacturer serves numerous industries, including automotive, medical, oil and gas, and aerospace.


This Manufacturer’s disparate data sources prevented them from managing the enterprise, wasting time on one-off non-scalable oversight. They lacked a central repository of up to date reports and analytics to inform engineers and all the way up to the C-suite. Additionally, production runs seemed inefficient because the manufacturer was relying on human intuition of the maximum throughput instead of data-based decisioning. They felt they were cobbling together disparate data elements to try to understand what may have happened, instead of knowing what happened and what action could be taken to improve outcomes.


Using SAS® Analytics for IoT, Pinnacle Solutions helped this manufacturer address their challenges with connected manufacturing and production quality monitoring. Connected manufacturing minimized the impact of after sale defects, improved manufacturing quality, and maximized equipment performance. Production quality monitoring provided the additional benefits of anomaly detection, fault detection, and preventative maintenance. Enterprise-wide data aggregation and real-time dashboards showed the manufacturer their overall equipment effectiveness and other key metrics, providing the insight to reduce downtime and maximize throughput.


  • Decreased after sale defects
  • Increased overall equipment effectiveness
  • Yield optimization
  • Anomaly and fault detection
  • Predictive maintenance

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