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If you’d like to learn more about our solutions and services, download the following information sheets. If you would like to know more or would like to talk about buying one of our solutions or services, you can fill out a form on our Contact page or call us at 317.423.9143 ext. 1.

Pinnacle Binoculars

Pinnacle Binoculars offers a flexible framework and methodology designed for developing your enterprise web applications. Pinnacle Binoculars’ adaptability enables your company to take advantage of modern and fluid interfaces by leveraging the full capabilities of cloud computing and open source technologies.

Pinnacle Binoculars Information Sheet

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Pinnacle Campfire

Wonder what is said about your business? Your brand? Your product? Pinnacle Campfire delivers a clean and lightweight web interface for enabling real-time data collection and aggregation from blogs, resale sites, commerce, social media, survey entries, product-use information, sensor data, or any web source.

Pinnacle Campfire Information Sheet

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Pinnacle Compass

Pinnacle Compass gives you a tool to collect and enter data into various databases and to seamlessly deploy a global data entry system. With just a web browser, smart phone, or tablet device, the simple yet robust interface allows quick and easy data entry and modification for mobile teams “on the go.”

Pinnacle Compass Information Sheet

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Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart

The Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart package enables small businesses to overcome the price, complexity, and restrictive licensing of enterprise analytics software. The result is an inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and scalable solution that gives small businesses the opportunity to start and grow their data science practice.

Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart

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Pinnacle First Aid Kit

Pinnacle First Aid Kit provides long-term maintenance and support for Pinnacle Solutions’ product offerings. Pinnacle First Aid Kit gives you access to our entire team of technical experts, so you can rest easy knowing your issue will be addressed by someone who understands your problem and how to solve it.

Pinnacle First Aid Kit Information Sheet

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Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor

The Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor solution uses predictive analytics to determine the likelihood that a patient will miss their appointment. Based on this prediction, administrative staff can modify existing patient reminder protocols and use strategic same-day scheduling to overcome potential no-shows.

Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor White Paper

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Pinnacle Shelter

Pinnacle Shelter combines the computing infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with our administration and maintenance expertise. The result is a service that allows your company to leverage the scalability of the cloud and eliminate costly hardware and the administrative challenges that go along with it.

Pinnacle Shelter Information Sheet

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Pinnacle Sherpa

Each Pinnacle Sherpa earns total client satisfaction because of their superior skills, vast experience, and exemplary work ethic. Our pool of talent includes expertise in all facets of development and deployment. Let our sherpas guide you through your mountains of data using the newest technologies.

Pinnacle Sherpa™ Information Sheet

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Staff Augmentation

Our team of recruiters partner with clients to provide the most qualified, reliable consultants around the country. With experience in the latest industry trends, our consultants provide the talent needed to ensure smooth system implementation, enhancement, upgrade and production support initiatives.

Pinnacle Staff Augmentation Sheet

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