Why SAS?

For 40+ years, the manufacturing industry has relied on SAS as a trusted partner

Improve quality performance, boost customer satisfaction and protect brand equity with SAS Field Quality Analytics.

Warranty Analytics is the No. 1 differentiator between best in class and laggard service organizations, according to the Aberdeen Group.

According to IDC, the biggest differentiators are analytic systems, fraud detection tools, early-warning systems and advanced financial analytics.

Industry analysts have consistently ranked SAS as the leader in warranty analytics, including capabilities, strategies and market share.


The business issue:

  • Lengthy issue identification cycle time.
  • Manually processed text-based service orders.
  • Used multiple tools for root cause analysis.

The solution:

SAS Field Quality Analytics automated text-based coding of claims, substantially reducing manual effort, increasing accuracy and focusing resources on problem solving. Feeding the results into the a utomated early- warning process shortened issue resolution time and reduced service incident rates.

“We’ve literally had double digit improvements in our service incident rate, and subsequently our warranty cost year over year has decreased substantially.”

Vice President of Quality, Reliability and Customer Service

What if you could automate manual processes, reduce errors and free up resources while cutting service incident rates in half over the next five years?

Activity Determination



The business issue:

  • Brands’ sharing of product and warranty data was constrained.
  • Warning of product issues and detection to correction time was not fast enough.

The solution:

SAS Field Quality Analytics created a unified view of data across multiple brands, divisions and functions and provided an early warning of potential incidents to enable a rapid response.

“Analytics can shed light on events where the human eye would not necessarily see a link. It’s an analysis support tool that helps us prioritize the actions we should take.”

Head of Statistical Analysis of Product Quality Data

What if you could use one application to access a net view of all your business lines and seamlessly expand to include telematics?


The business issue:

  • A dramatic increase in production volumes created a need for advanced warranty analysis, including faster identification of warranty issues causes.

The solution:

SAS Field Quality Analytics reduced issue identification and definition time by 70%, saving more than four months and netting the manufacturer over $2 million in savings in the first six months.

“Our average cycle time to find and solve an issue was shortened from 174 days to 52 days within the first six months. We are still making constant progress and discovering new ways to improve our warranty analysis process.”

Warranty Business Representative/ Field Performance Engineer

What if you could cut your warranty costs by up to one-third?



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