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Boost Manufacturing Quality with Advanced Analytics

Identifying and resolving quality issues across an entire manufacturing enterprise is no simple task. Disparate and siloed data can limit a complete understanding of multiple operational processes, preventing you from improving yields at lower costs.

Advanced analytics can help you improve quality by getting more out of your manufacturing data and existing tools. Pinnacle Solutions provides software and services that:

  • Integrate large volumes of data generated by the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to gain a holistic view of quality performance
  • Identify quality issues and operational performance degradations early, even before they occur, so you can take proactive corrective action
  • Empower scarce engineering resources with a complete spectrum of analytical tools that support superior root-cause analysis
  • Understand changes quickly so you can make real-time, intelligent decisions






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Improve Performance at Every Step

Optimizing performance across the enterprise and throughout the product lifecycle requires everyone from the top floor to the shop floor to have the right tools and insights at the right time. That’s why you need data analytics that are:


Use the world’s most advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to support sensor and industrial IoT data streams


Allow all users to view high volumes of sensor data in context, and visually identify areas needing investigation for a deeper process understanding


Run models in real time, get predictive alerts on quality issues before they escalate, and determine optimal setpoints

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Gain a Holistic View of Quality

Generating an enterprise view of quality means capturing the voices of the process, product and customer. With the SAS® Quality Analytic Suite you can hear all of these voices loud and clear.

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SAS® Asset Performance Analytics enables you to harness machine-to-machine and sensor data to boost uptime, performance and productivity while lowering maintenance costs and reducing your risk of revenue loss.


SAS® Production Quality Analytics delivers a comprehensive view of quality to improve yields while reducing maintenance costs and scrap and rework rates.

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With SAS® Field Quality Analytics, you can detect emerging issues and perform root-cause analysis to improve product quality and brand reputation.

See how all of the SAS® Analytics Solutions for Manufacturing can work together to improve your bottom line.

IoT Analytics for Manufacturing

Become a Leader With Field Quality Analytics

Warranty Analytics is the No. 1 differentiator between best-in-class and laggard service organizations, according to the Aberdeen Group. For 40+ years, manufacturers have relied on SAS to help them to improve efficiency and profit. With SAS® Field Quality Analytics, determine root causes and detect issues quickly so you can:

  • Increase automation in claims processing
  • Conduct precise product recalls
  • Reduce cost of warranty claims

SAS® Field Quality Analytics could save over 100 days in the detect-prioritize-define process, based on customer estimates.

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Take Advantage of the Pinnacle + SAS Difference

At Pinnacle Solutions, we combine world-class SAS solutions with our manufacturing expertise to transform your manufacturing operations.

  • Create a single view of enterprise-quality data
  • Monitor the health of all operational processes
  • Apply automated monitoring and alerting in real time
  • Analyze quality issues in a highly interactive, visual environment
  • Get detailed reporting at all levels
  • Support digital transformation initiatives

More than 2,000 manufacturing customers in more than 52 countries trust SAS, the world leader in analytics, to deliver automated solutions that help them manage and analyze their industrial data where, when and how it works best for their businesses.

Over 2,000 manufacturing customers

At more than 83,000 sites

In more than 52 countries

Rely on SAS to take their operations higher

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Intel Inside. Successful analytics initiatives require tight alignment between hardware and software in the hands of skilled technologists and strategists. That’s why the ongoing collaboration between SAS and Intel is so important for clients. Together, we know how to connect all the dots on analytics strategies to deliver practical solutions that deliver real, measurable results – at any scale


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