The No-Show Problem

No-show patients are named by healthcare professionals as one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare industry, costing hospitals and healthcare providers time, money, and even decreasing patient satisfaction and care.

Healthcare providers have tried several methods to address the no-show problem – including blind overbooking and automated appointment reminders via phone calls and SMS text messaging. While these strategies can help providers reduce lost revenue and improve patient turnout, there is still a significant gap and opportunity to address no-shows for healthcare practices.

What these methods lack is the guiding power of predictive analytics.

The Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor is an advanced predictive analytics solution that predicts the likelihood that a patient will miss their appointment. Based on this prediction, administrative staff can take additional corrective actions through modifications of existing patient reminder protocols, as well as provide statistically based strategies for same-day scheduling to overcome potential no-shows.

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Your no-show problem isn’t going away. With the Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor, you can discover, predict, and act to reduce the impact and rate of no-show patients.

Can your practice afford not to?

Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor

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Recover Revenue Lost to No-Show Patients

Even after accounting for revenue regained through uninformed same-day scheduling techniques, practices can lose anywhere from 3-14% of annual revenue. With the Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor, you can make informed scheduling decisions, maximizing the amount of same-day patients seen. The result: an increased amount of revenue recovered through same-day appointments.

Optimize Appointment Times and Operations

Same-day patients recover less than half of the time lost because of no-show patients. The Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor solution shows you optimal appointment time slots for same-day patients. The result: you maximize the amount of time recovered by same-day appointments without the disruptions to daily operations that can be caused by no-shows and blind overbooking.

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Maximize Amount of Patient Care Delivered

Operational disruptions and bottlenecks caused by no-shows result in longer wait times for same-day patients and other scheduled patients. Some leave before being seen, putting their health at risk. The Pinnacle Patient No-Show Predictor maximizes the number of patients seen through informed scheduling decisions, minimizing operational disruptions so patients get the care they need when they need it.

How it Works

Predict patient no-show probability

By using historical scheduling information, mathematical models can be created which will then be used to score future appointment probabilities of the patients. Additional information like previous appointments, diagnosis codes, demographic characteristics, distance away from the practice, and many other attributes can be utilized which will further improve the model results. Need to check the probability of a single patient appointment or see probabilities for an entire day? No problem. The solution can provide you with real-time or batched based results.

Take appropriate patient reminder and/or scheduling actions

Staff can use the insight on patient no-show probability scores and same-day booking opportunities to take appropriate action – whether that is a customized and targeted reminder protocol, booking same-day appointments during time slots with a high no-show probability, or some combination of strategies.

Solve your no-show problem

See increased revenue. Maximize the time available for patient care. Deliver better care for more patients, improving satisfaction and helping more people in need.

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