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For technology leaders, the rise of transformative new business analytics capabilities (such as machine learning and AI) is as daunting as it is promising. Advances require the ability to process massive volumes of data – which in turn requires extraordinary computing power.

That’s where our 25 year partnership with SAS and their 20+ year partnership with Intel makes all the difference for our customers. We collaborate extensively to make sure world-leading analytics solutions, such as SAS® Viya™, take full advantage of the latest capabilities of Intel hardware. Ultimately, that means front-line users of data enjoy lightning-fast access to more accurate, timely insights – bolstered by advanced AI, machine learning, and IoT capabilities. That’s how we are enabling smarter organizations in every industry around the world – organizations in which people are making decisions that lead to a whole new level of results.

Download the Brief: Chip-level collaboration drives powerful analytics insights from the Internet of Things (IoT)

So you’re ready to transform. What about your analytics infrastructure?
You’re in a race to determine who can seize real potential in everything from Machine Learning to AI – to take data-driven insights to the next level. Your current approach to analytics may not be up to the job, which is why there’s so much talk of analytics transformation. The ability to ensure infrastructure, software and hardware is ready for what’s next will determine whether your organization succeeds or falls short. The good news is that, together, Pinnacle Solutions, SAS, and Intel are providing integrated capabilities ready for the future.

Download the Brief: The Artificial Intelligence of Things: Where AI and IoT meet

WiFi + IoT + analytics = next-level customer experiences
The smartest hotel in the world is now open for business in Fort Worth, Texas – running on SAS, Intel, and Cisco technology. The Sinclair, a Marriott Bonvoy hotel, takes some of the boldest promises of IoT and analytics capabilities and puts them to work today to deliver one of the most unique guest experiences in hospitality today. Want to see what happens when a hotel assigns an IP address to everything from hotel windows to the minibar to the mirror? Curious about how analytics-enabled smart lighting and other energy-consuming devices can drive unprecedented energy efficiency? Want to know how IoT and analytics capabilities, in human hands, are creating the next level of guest experiences in the hospitality industry? Click the banner or link below to read the story.

Download the Brief: Unprecedented connected guest experiences with IoT-enabled hotel of the future

Internet of Things: Make Better Use of IoT Data
To make the most of IoT data collected from sensors, systems and products requires the ability to leverage analytics throughout the IoT infrastructure – from the data center or cloud all the way to the edge, and any point in between. Together, SAS and Intel deliver a full suite of analytics capabilities, end-to-end security, and integration with storage platforms like Hadoop and traditional data warehouses. The result is a full-fledged IoT solution designed for easy implementation and maximum impact for a variety of industries, including industrial IoT for manufacturing.

Improving health outcomes with AIoT
The promise of AI, IoT, and advanced analytics – along with fast-emerging developments in the field of AIoT in health care – has been widely anticipated for years now, and recent advances in each of these areas are quickly making these integrated capabilities a practical reality. Health care leaders looking to start small in areas such as motion analytics and then quickly scale up must be confident that the underlying technologies are capable of handling the challenges that come with managing large amounts of data at scale.

Download the Brief: Improving health outcomes with AIoT

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