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Since 1996, we have specialized in helping companies analyze their big data to find out their strong areas of expertise. Our team of professionals can then create custom software to help appeal to your company’s specific consumers. In today’s digital world, unique software development is more important to businesses than ever before because it gives firms a competitive advantage over others through using AI and other technological services. We are so excited to be partnering with Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform for B2B businesses, and are happy to share our high ranking on the leaders matrix of top custom software developers in Indiana!

A Clutch Leaders Matrix provides a broad view of the top-performing companies in a particular industry and considers a company’s client reviews and the level of specialization the company provides in a given service.

As a B2B ratings and reviews company, Clutch is dedicated to connecting businesses of all sizes to solutions providers that help them overcome their business hurdles. They use a unique methodology to rank firms based on their technical capabilities, market presence, and direct-client reviews. Some of our favorite client reviews from our Clutch profile can be found below!

“They’re just fantastic, probably one of the best vendors I deal with.” – Partner Manager, Software Corporation
“They’re very skilled in project management and have our stakeholders excited about the new system.” – Director of Academic Technology Development, Public University

In addition to our feature on Clutch, we were also mentioned on their sister-site, The Manifest. This platform publishes business news and statistical reports of trending industries. We are so excited to be named among the top big data analytics companies throughout the world on The Manifest!

We are excited to be partnering with Clutch, and we look forward to using this feedback to grow and improve our processes through 2019!


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