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San Francisco, California – April 28, 2013 –Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. announced a new offering to their Pinnacle Backpack™ called Pinnacle Campfire™ today at the SAS Global Forum conference.

Pinnacle Campfire is a data collection and aggregation tool that searches over 80 different social media, news media, blogs and retail sites on the web.  Using syntax similar to Google or other popular search engines, users can easily enter in products, services, businesses or anything of relevance and find out what the online community is saying about those terms.  Besides just collecting the data, Pinnacle Campfire also gives users the ability to score the sentiment of the data, thus allowing users to track positive, negative, or neutral sentiment of the data they collect.

Pinnacle Campfire delivers a clean and light-weight web interface for enabling easy set up of search collection and category requests.  Within the interface users can remotely set up, modify, or monitor all of the captured data from their computer, laptop, smart phone, or mobile device.  Pinnacle Campfire integrates with advanced reporting and analytic solutions such as SAS® Visual Analytics, SAS Sentiment Analysis, SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence and Futrix®.

“For some time now, we have seen a need from our clients to have a simple to use data collection tool that empowers users to score the sentiment about what their clients are saying about their products, services or company,” stated Ken Scales, Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Pinnacle Solutions.  Mia Lyst, Director of Development and Business Analytics added, “We are so excited to unveil this product today at SAS Global Forum.  I am really looking forward to my fellow SAS users’ having the ability to kick the tires on our new product and give us precious feedback.”

Customers can visit the Pinnacle Solutions website to find out more information or contact a Pinnacle Solutions representative by calling 866.668.3393. 

About Pinnacle Solutions 

Pinnacle Solutions is a Business Intelligence solutions provider that uses SAS® to integrate, analyze and interpret the “mountain” of data that companies collect and utilize to run their operations.  From a concept to a complete implementation, Pinnacle Solutions’ full service offerings help companies in every stage of their data lifecycle process.  Pinnacle Solutions’ services empower companies to rise to a higher level of clarity, thus increasing work output and profitability.

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