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Pinnacle Solutions is proud to present two papers at the 2018 SAS Global Forum about two of our latest innovative SAS solutions. This year’s conference will take place April 8-11 in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center.

Our paper “To Show or Not to Show? Utilizing SAS® Solutions to Maximize Patient Scheduling In Medical Clinics” is about a powerful end-to-end SAS solution we built for medical clinics in the Southwest using machine learning algorithms. By identifying with high confidence which patients are not likely to show up to their appointments, the staff was able to quickly fill these open slots to help the clinics serve more people at an efficient pace. Due to the success of this project in the initial set of clinics, the solution is going to be expanded to other specialty outpatient clinics across the region. Come see our presentation on this solution on April 9, at 3:00 p.m. in meeting room 404.

Our paper “At Your Service: Using SAS® Viya™ and Python to Create Worker Programs for On-Demand Analytics” provides ideas on how combining SAS Viya with the Python language can create an intelligent worker program that will wake up when needed, analyze data, and then rest until it is needed again. Utilizing SAS Viya programming is essential for creating any on demand analytics environment and can be scaled up to suit any business needs. Come see our presentation on this solution on April 10, at 3:00 p.m. in meeting room 502.

We hope to see you at our presentations!

For more information about the conference, you can visit the SAS Global Forum Home Page.


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