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Pinnacle Solutions has been partnering with SAS for over 25 years. SAS is the leader in analytics, allowing customers to obtain the insights they need to anticipate opportunity, take action, and make an impact. Combined with our deep SAS expertise and unparalleled customer service, Pinnacle Solutions has been providing a game-changing competitive advantage to companies of all sizes and industries throughout the United States.

SAS® Gold Partner

As a SAS Gold Partner, we are able to differentiate ourselves by demonstrating advanced consulting capabilities in SAS technologies and solutions. Our achievement of competencies and specializations allows you to feel confident that we have the skills necessary to use SAS to solve your business problems.

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SAS® Reseller Partner

As a SAS Resell Partner, we can offer SAS software promotions and bundles often not available to the general public. Bundled with our consulting services and optional hosting services, you can achieve an even greater value for your organization. Visit our About SAS page to see the products and bundles we readily offer.

To learn more about our SAS partnership and our other partners visit the Our Partners page.

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