Pinnacle Backpack

The Pinnacle Backpack has a tool for each of the challenges you face while climbing the “mountain of data” before you. The tools in this backpack complement our strategic partners’ already robust supply of products. Pinnacle Backpack empowers you to collect data via the web, create fast, scalable and mobile-friendly web applications, and host your solution on the cloud with remote system administration services. Our toolkit also provides consulting services to patch up any data issues within your organization.
Pinnacle Shelter

At home in the cloud

A turn-key hosting service that allows your business solutions to be deployed in the Cloud.

Pinnacle Binoculars

Focused and fine tuned insight

Custom GUI development that integrates with many 3rd-party applications.

Pinnacle First Aid Kit

Immediate attention to health

A remote admin service to maintain & optimize your solution deployments.

Pinnacle Compass

Get headed in the right direction

A clean, lightweight web interface for enabling easy data entry and collection into various databases.

Pinnacle Campfire

Gather 'round and listen

A data aggregation tool that works with web searches of social media, news, and retail sites or IoT data.


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