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Do you want a contemporary website that effectively communicates your business requirements? Pinnacle Binoculars offers a flexible framework and methodology designed for developing your enterprise web applications. Pinnacle Binoculars enables your company to take advantage of modern and fluid interfaces by leveraging the full capabilities of cloud computing and open source technologies. Our versatility and standards-compliance ensures efficient collaboration and integration across many third-party platforms and providers. Core Features include:

  • Mobile and assistive-technology friendly
  • Scalable and cloud-ready single page applications
  • Use of next-generation ECMAScript 6 and open-source technologies
  • Continuous integration, testing, and deployment
  • Serverless computing options available
  • Data visualization integrations with SAS, Amazon QuickSight, and more

API Integration

Pinnacle Binoculars applications integrate with your Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These can be your proprietary APIs or APIs from a third-party vendor and partners. The Pinnacle Binoculars framework was designed to work with SOAP, REST, and more. The framework also speaks many API languages such as XML, JSON, CSV, plain text, and more. The type, languages, and protocol of your framework do not matter – if your API is on the web, Pinnacle Binoculars can work with it!

Databases and Files

You know that your “mountain of data” doesn’t come from a single source and so do we. The Pinnacle Binoculars framework is built to read your database tables and flat files. The framework can even pull in data from your Data Lake. We also specialize in reading in data from SAS(R) Software.

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