Pinnacle Campfire

When you sit around a blazing campfire, you hear all kinds of facts, rumors, gossip, and maybe even a good ghost story. Wonder what kind of tales are being told about your business? Your brand? Your product? Now, you can easily enter search terms of your product, service, business, or even your competition – and Pinnacle Campfire will do the rest.

Pinnacle Campfire delivers a clean and lightweight web interface for enabling real-time data collection and aggregation from blogs, resale sites, commerce, social media, survey entries, product-use information, sensor data, or any source on the web. Teams on the go can remotely set up search collections and categories and are empowered to modify and monitor all of the captured data from their computer, laptop, and even their smartphone or mobile device.

Benefits include:

  • Self-serve interface
  • Data streams that can be standardized, scrubbed and maintained from web or IoT sources
  • Integration across multiple databases and other corporate data
  • Integration with analytical applications
  • Real-time metrics of aggregated data
  • Analysis of brand mentions in social media
  • Public sentiment of search terms

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