Pinnacle Compass

At Pinnacle Solutions we understand that without data, your business cannot get the correct heading and know that you are going in the right direction. Pinnacle Compass fixes this problem by giving your organization the ability to seamlessly deploy a global data entry system. With just a web browser, smart phone, or tablet device, the simple yet robust interface allows quick and easy data entry and modification for mobile teams “on the go.”

Pinnacle Compass gives you a tool to collect and enter data into various databases. We realize that without the ability to efficiently enter your business data, your analysis efforts will be insufficient and incomplete. Core features include:

  • Support of multiple databases
  • Complete integration with analytical and reporting applications
  • Support for rich text content such as images, videos, and documents
  • 128-bit secure encryption
  • Managed login and registration
  • Robust validation at the point of data entry
  • Advanced user permissions to control data editing and access at record level
  • Audit trail

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