Pinnacle First Aid Kit

Your SAS and web applications will require administration and maintenance. Pinnacle First Aid Kit provides long-term maintenance and support for Pinnacle Solutions’ product offerings. When you identify a wound, bug, or performance issue, Pinnacle First Aid Kit gives you access to our entire team of technical experts – each with unique skill sets – so that you can rest easy knowing your issue will be addressed by someone who understands your problem and how to solve it. Pinnacle First Aid Kit is there to triage issues, optimize services, apply critical hot fixes.

If you were to hire resources directly to perform your administration and maintenance tasks, you would have to locate, train, and manage those employees. Pinnacle First Aid Kit reduces your costs because that step is already done. You’ll have a partner with the experience and knowledge base to maintain and optimize your solution for your unique business needs.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to deploy, manage and operate more complex solutions
  • Capability to be lean and flexible to better meet business challenges
  • Lowering your costs for locating, training, and managing new employees while increasing the return on your software investments
  • Having a partner with the experience and knowledge base to maintain and optimize your solutions for your business needs

Our engineers are certified AWS Solution Architects and certified in SAS Installation and Administration. Questions about Pinnacle First Aid Kit? Visit our FAQ page.

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