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Do you want the power of data science and analytics without the barriers of price, complexity and restrictive licenses?

The Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart solution provides you with an inexpensive, easy to set up and use, scalable cloud solution that gives you the opportunity to start and grow your data science initiatives. This solution combines the scalable computing infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and flexible capabilities of open source analytics with our data science and administration expertise. The result is a customized data science solution tailored to your business needs and capable of growing at your pace with peace of mind that your solution’s infrastructure is maintained and optimized by system administration experts. At its core, our approach to data science is that analytics is a powerful tool that everyone should be able to access. It is our goal to empower you with a solid data science foundation that you can grow and expand as you take on new challenges.

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How it Works

Open Source and Flexible

Our Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart provides you with a solid data science foundation with all the tools you need to solve foundational data science use cases and business challenges. This solution is fully customizable so you can tailor it to your business use cases. Built with open source analytics, our Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart also has full third-party integration, allowing you to add any technology to your stack.

Cost Effective Growth at Your Pace

This scalable cloud solution starts with a sized-right AWS instance to give you the compute and storage you need. Built on AWS, the Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart solution gives you the flexibility to manage IT resources – budgets, skills, training, project needs – more effectively. As you grow, so does your solution, enabling you to grow at your own pace in a cost effective way that reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Support with an Expert Success Team

Your success is our priority. The Pinnacle Data Science Quickstart solution includes a team of expert data scientists available to help you develop and customize your platform or build out programs for your use cases. Your team will also include system administration experts who can remove the pain of building, maintaining, and optimizing the infrastructure of your solution. With this team of experts, you can deploy, manage and operate more complex solutions, enabling you to focus on your business instead of maintaining your solution.

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Our AWS Expertise

Pinnacle Solutions is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Our engineers are certified AWS Solution Architects and certified in SAS Installation and Administration. Visit our About Amazon Web Services page to learn more about our AWS product offerings.

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