Pinnacle & RedLore IoT Accelerator Kit

Do you want to get started with IoT Analytics without all the technology scouting, hardware breadboarding and painstaking and lengthy design cycles?

Pinnacle Solutions and RedLore have partnered to combine best-in-class analytics and state-of-the-art sensor technology in an IoT Accelerator Kit. With this kit, you can test new IoT applications with unlimited scale, coverage, and density. This out-of-the-box kit is meant to eliminate the complexity of engaging with IoT by providing everything you need to get your IoT initiatives up and running in no time. The kit includes:

  • A large variety of ultra-low power sensors
  • Pre-configured sensors, gateway, and dashboards
  • Battery powered mesh connectivity
  • Secure network protocols
  • Seamless connection to RedBoard dashboards or your cloud
  • NFC smartphone app for monitoring and configuration
  • Built-in asset tracking

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Pinnacle & RedLore IoT Accelerator Kit

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