If you can dream up your custom website, we can build it. We specialize in rare websites.

Integration with third party reporting service
Reporting Dashboards
Custom SAS login screen and reporting
Charting, graphing, and mapping
Internal Systems
Training Applications
Marketing Applications
Business Automation Systems
Customer Relationship Management Systems
Accounting Applications
Customer Facing Applications
SaaS Applications
Enterprise web apps
Ticketing Systems
Content Management Systems
Data Entry Systems
Supply Chain Management Applications
Inventory Management
RMA System
Credit card processing
Warehouse Applications
Shipping Company Integration
Reverse distribution applications
Web Portal Applications
Single Page Applications
Simple Brochure Websites
Complex Websites

Don’t worry if you don’t see your type of custom application here though. We can evaluate your unique business needs and create something truly custom.

Possible Features for Your Application


Send beautiful transaction emails from your system that have both html and plain text alternatives. Ensure deliverability with spam scanning tools, DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.


Pull in data from anywhere, transform it, store it in a database and generate insightful charts and maps. Generate custom downloads in pdf, xls, csv, etc. Develop or optimize your database so the reporting runs fast.


Build applications for HIPPA and other requirements. Build applications with Accessibility built into the design and development processes. Add audit logging so you know who did what and when.


Custom API Development for your application and/or integration with external APIs. Use your API to allow others to connect to your application. This might include a web front end, a mobile app or something else. Integrate with other APIs to pull in data for use in your application.

Testing & Validation

Test and ensure browser compatibility. Run through accessibility testing tools and add appropriate markup for accessibility. Ensure software quality with testing and validation.

Custom Features

Add Location based calculations for custom mapping. Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML or a proprietary solution. Search Engine Optimization. Scheduled Jobs and Queuing. Barcode encoding and decoding. Anything you can imagine.

Hand Tailored

If you have been looking around for custom software for a little while, you probably noticed that many vendors will resell a box solution or lock you into their preferred software.

The Pinnacle Solutions approach is to take a look at your existing system. Your existing system might be a manual process, a complex shared spreadsheet, or a full blown application. We’ll work to understand your current system and pain points. Once we fully understand where you are, we will propose something that is hand tailored to your business needs for a custom fit. We want to build a relationship with you and your business.

Self Sustaining

We typically use an open source stack for custom development so that you’re not locked into an expensive software license. We make a self sustaining system that can operate for years without any required maintenance.

If you already have an IT staff, we’ll work with them to maintain your application(s) and set up training. The training can be both application specific and high level concepts to help them grow in their career. If you do not have an IT staff, Pinnacle Sherpas can augment your staff. In addition to training, we also provide documentation services. Think of us as your guides for the mountains of data.

In the Cloud

Pinnacle Solutions is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner. We typically build our applications on top of an AWS infrastructure.

Resources can be scaled up or down as your application requires. The AWS model of paying for what you use is very cost effective, especially for smaller applications.

Hosting applications in the cloud also facilitates greater redundancy. We can set up the application so that if a server goes down, another server will be available to take over for the the down server.

The cloud also makes it easy for us to schedule automated backup and do backups from anywhere.


Our methodology is a cross between Waterfall and Agile. A lot of our clients like to scope out the project at the beginning which is more like Waterfall. Scoping out the project in the beginning helps identify budget and creates documentation of requirements.

As the project progresses, it become more Agile with updates and changes as we go. We have project managers on our staff. We also have some clients that prefer to manage the project themselves. Again, we are flexible enough to do what works best for you. See our DevOps page for more information on the complete Software Delivery Life Cycle.

Application Design

Pinnacle Solutions Python Perfect Application Design

Our experience with web applications has taught us that the best design is a good custom API at the core. From there, the application can integrate with a web front-end, external APIs, external databases, and more. You can build other things on that same core API such as a mobile application. You can also have a separation of concerns so that you can update just the UI and leave the core business logic in place.

Interested in Custom Web Development?

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You don’t have to pay more for subdomains. You can have as many subdomains as you like once you own the domain. If you owned example.com you already own subdomains like: returns.example.com, shop.example.com, contact.example.com, even customername.example.com. Fun fact: Nobody can buy example.com. It is reserved for examples like this.

Portal Administrator

You can get free SSLs from Let’s Encrypt that renew every 90 days for enhanced security. To make them even better, you can automate renewal so that you never have to worry about that SSL certificate expiring. They even have free wildcard SSL certificates. Even if you want a paid SSL certificate for production, these certificates are great for development servers and internal applications.

Software Developer

Open source software is usually more secure than proprietary software. This is because everyone can see open source code. If there is a security hole, it cannot be hidden. The community works together to fix issue at no cost to people using the software. Closed software can hide security holes until someone takes advantage of the holes. If the breach become public, only then will they have to patch it.

Security Specialist

Related Solutions

Pinnacle First Aid Kit

The Pinnacle First Aid Kit is a support package for your new or existing custom web assets. Our team of problem solvers can fix issues on your current website or support something we created. Think of it as setting aside a bucket of hours each month for bug fixes, enhancements, or whatever you need.

Pinnacle Shelter

Once your custom web assets are developed, you will need a place to host them. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we proactively manage your AWS infrastructure and monitor your web applications. If you are familiar with the term Managed Service Provider, it’s kind of like that, only better.

Pinnacle Binoculars

Pinnacle Binoculars offers a flexible framework and methodology designed for developing your enterprise analytics web applications. The Pinnacle Binoculars framework is built to read your database tables and flat files. The framework can even pull in data from your Data Lake.


Social Media