Database Development & Data Integration

Our Data Integration consultants specialize in the process of building data warehouses, from generating data models to meet your business needs to loading data into staging repositories and reporting databases. They specialize in working with data from disparate data sources and multiple technologies to achieve the required flow of information into your final database environment. No matter your software package, Pinnacle’s experts have the expertise to provide the following skills and services for your project needs:

  • Design, development and implementation of Data Warehouses
  • Identification and correction of data quality issues
  • Extraction, Transformation, Load processes
  • Database conversion techniques utilizing ODBC technologies
  • Experience with the latest SAS data management and data quality solutions
  • Experience in various database platforms (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server) and operating systems

SAS Database Development/Data Integration

If you are SAS-centric, we can provide you with expert SAS data integration consultants, SAS data scientists, and SAS advanced developers to address all your database development and data integration needs. Some of the services our specialists provide are:

  • SAS Data Cleaning Services
  • SAS Data Integration Development
  • SAS Database Development
  • SAS Data Modeling

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Talk to Us About Database Development & Data Integration

If you would like to invest in our database development and data integration services, please call us at 317.423.9143 x1 or Contact Us. We look forward to working with you and helping your business rise to a higher level of clarity.


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