SAS Installations

SAS Installations

Pinnacle Solutions provides our customers only the best installers to ensure a smooth and successful install every time. Our elite, highly-qualified SAS installers are certified and have completed formal SAS platform administration and installation training. Our installers will guide you through the process step-by-step, and we will follow up with you afterward to address any needs or concerns. We provide installs and configurations for all SAS Platform technologies and many advanced solution stacks and offerings. Below is a overview of the installation process. If you would like more information on SAS Installations, Contact Us.

Pre-Install Process

  • Utilize our SAS best-practice Pre-installation Checklist to collect customer installations specifics (server, OS, Access Engines, server accounts, etc.)
  • Follow-up call with the customer to review status, confirm choices of media/download, provide guidance for depot download process
  • Subsequent follow-up with client to confirm successful download of depot, server readiness, and successful test set up of remote access
  • Schedule the installation

Installation Process

  • Install software
  • Configure software
  • Set up customer-requested user accounts, demonstrate the appropriate process, and introduce clients to basic permissions management
  • Answer any remaining customer questions concerning the installation

Post-Install Process

  • Follow-up with customer on any difficulties reproducing demonstrated steps
  • Prepare and deliver package containing detailed information about customer’s installation SAS software package, environment, accounts, directories, ports, validation results and data connectivity
  • Project closeout and feedback survey

What’s Next?

Ready to purchase your install? Contact us to receive a quote and schedule your SAS install.

Already completed an install? Your software is successfully installed but now what? We have the resources to help you get the most out of your investment and make sure your SAS application continues to run optimally. Pinnacle Solutions’s team of technical experts can provide you with long-term maintenance and support with the Pinnacle First Aid Kit™. We also have the technical experts you need for application development, data analysis, and report development. Our highly-qualified team can provide a variety of services to help you customize and expand your software to fit your business’s needs. Visit our Services Page to learn more or Contact Us to talk about pricing.

SAS Pricing, SAS Licensing, and SAS Consulting Service Options

Need SAS installations, SAS licenses, SAS pricing, or SAS consulting services? As an authorized reseller of SAS software solutions, we can provide quotes, estimates, and sell SAS licenses and installations for most all bundles. We also offer discounts for Small and Midsize Businesses.


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