Statistics & Predictive Analytics

Ever since the advent of computers, people have been able to track and log data which has resulted in a “mountain of data”. While Big Data brings with it the challenge of making sense of it, Pinnacle’s certified and seasoned data scientists can help you gain insight into your data and allow you to make better decisions and predictions. We have a knowledge of best practices in statistical and data science methods and can apply a range of Analytical tools for machine learning, forecasting, simulation, and other advanced statistical techniques.

Our goal is to that assist your company in the design and construction of innovative analytical models to improve business outcomes, support decision-making, and enable process improvements. We can provide the following skills and services for your project needs:

  • Modeling requirements and design
  • Application of Machine learning algorithms such as Clustering, Regression, Neural Networks, Decision Trees
  • Quality Control and Manufacturing Systems – probability theory, variance component analysis, Design of Experiments (DOE), simulations
  • Research and development – protocol design, regression and ANOVA analysis, DOE and reporting

SAS Statistics & Predictive Analytics

Our data scientists have certifications in: SAS Advanced Programming, SAS Business Analyst, and SAS Enterprise Miner. Some of the SAS experts we can provide you with are:

  • SAS Data Scientists
  • SAS Senior Statisticians
  • SAS Advanced Predictive Modelers
  • SAS Risk Dimensions Modelers
  • SAS Forecast Consultants
Learn more about our consulting services on our staff augmentation page or Contact Us for information about SAS statistics & predictive analytics.

Predictive Analysis Approach Diagram

Talk to Us About Statistics & Predictive Analytics

If you would like to invest in our statistics and predictive analytics services, please call us at 317.423.9143 x1 or Contact Us. We look forward to working with you and helping your business rise to a higher level of clarity.


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